Sourcing in South Asia Guide

We have been sourcing in South Asia for many years now, and have also lived in many of these places. I often get the question what’s the difference between the products you produce (and buy) and the characteristic of the people who live there.

Here is my take on Sourcing in South Asia…

In India you go for hand embroidery and especially around Delhi where you find a lot of beading, sequins and Silk.

They also have the most incredible woodwork, such as Chester draws, Tables and Chairs, all for your home decoration.

The Indians have a great sense of humour and are always close to laughter and smile. Give them a bottle of Whiskey and they will dance all night.


Sri Lanka always smells like Sri Lanka when you walk out of the airport in Colombo. It gives you a calm feeling that you are back to this wonderful place.

Fantastic handmade Craft, Rotting, Textiles and home decorations.


Bangladesh apparel industry has grown tremendously over the last 10 years.

A lot of people always comment to me that we are exploiting the people here, but it is actually due to big companies such as H&M, NIKE, NEXT that the regulations in these factories are so strict (to work with these companies) that the standard for workers right, fire regulations and safety, has to be at its best.

Around Dhaka there are a lot of the porcelain and ceramics productions that ships to all the bigger and prestige porcelain brands around Europe.


Vietnam is for sure one of my favourite places to visit, as the people here are so friendly and its just such an easy place to be.

In Hanoi you can find the most amazing bed linen in cotton with beautiful white embroidery, and as you travel down from north to south, you can try the best coffee in the world directly from the coffee plantations with the coffee flower scent all around in the air.


Thailand is great for Bamboo and art.  Get away from the main markets and find small shops next to temples to buy home decoration such as Buddha heads in porcelain and candleholders in Brass. Thailand is also great for Candles and Handmade Soap.


China has been the main producer for all kinds of goods for so many centuries now.

I always have a feeling that everything is possible to make in China and living and working in the factory in this Country has been an amazing experience to a small insight of an otherwise very closed country.

You will find amazing China porcelain for your come decoration in Ginger jars, plates and lamps.

The biggest dream for many Chinese is to be able to travel and many more are now getting the opportunity to do so, as it is getting easier to get visas.


Taiwan, a small island but actually the main producer of recycling fabric.

The Taiwanese are also very advanced when it comes to any active or technical materials.

Taipei is surprisingly full of really cool people, and the city is busting with cosy cafes and trendy bars.


Hong Kong’s best market is called Cat Street Market and is an antic market just next to the Man Mo Temple, in Sheung Wan.

Here you will get away from the normal tourist traps and find old Hong Kong Posters, old coins, lamps and other home decorations.

The Hong Kongese does not really ask how you are, but if you want to get friendly, ask them if they have eaten….


Interior designer Cecilie Koch Larsen

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